Agnieszka Lasko

pianist | composer | educator


Agnieszka Lasko is a pianist, composer and educator. A graduate of Academy of Music in Łódź under the tutelage of Professor Cezary Sanecki, she frequently performs with different chamber ensembles, instrumentalists and vocalists. Her passion for music is reflected in her commitment to teaching piano, in which she has achieved no little success. Her students include laureates of numerous piano and chamber music competitions at the national and international levels. She is the author of piano method book First Class Piano (published by Euterpe) for which she composed the majority of the compositions. She presents her teaching method at seminars, academic and artistic conferences, and workshops.



This is a very good alternative to the offerings from America nad UK and comes warmly recommended.
Piano Professional, The European Piano Teacher Association Magazine UK, Spring 2018

First Class Piano (published by Euterpe) is a trilingual handbook (in Polish, English and German) for children beginning their piano education.


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For lessons, workshops and questions: (+48) 503 146 082

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